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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In Which I Ramble About Minnesota and IKEA.

My sister is a big smarty-pants.

Amy graduated magna cum laude from Carleton College this past weekend. This fall, she heads off to Philly where she will spend the next 5 to 7 years getting her PhD in neuroscience (Neuroscience! Brains and stuff! Research that could save lives and stop Alzheimer's and get things named after her someday! See why I say she's a smartypants?) at Penn.

My parents, Ben and I all went up to celebrate and hang out in Minnesota and get bitten by mosquitoes and eat not very good college food at random receptions and do all the stuff one does at college graduations. Or at least, at college graduations at small schools (2,000 students) in small towns (17,000) in the midwest (is Minnesota the midwest?).

And we ALSO went to IKEA. (Ben and I, that is, not my parents or sister - they were busy doing things like packing up the last four years of Amy's life to drive back to Denver and then cleaning her apartment and stuff.)

If you know me at all, you know that I. Love. IKEA. I think it is truly one of the greatest places in the world. The furniture is inexpensive but still decent quality - okay, it's no Ethan Allen, but I don't like Ethan Allen so there. Styles range from very modern to quite traditional, so everyone is happy. All of their kid stuff is made with nontoxic everything. And the founder of IKEA has passed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world, which I approve of as an Apple lover.

We flew to Minnesota, so you might think that meant we couldn't buy anything too significant, and you'd be right. But what you're forgetting is that Amy? Drove back to Denver. And in the car? Was space (once we took a duffle bag on the plane with us) for two new side tables. Brown-black, to semi-match our coffee table. We also got some candles, a candle holder, three stalks of lucky bamboo, a lazy susan, a train for Ben's nephew, several trays and....uh.....that might be it. But not for lack of wanting more.

And it reminded me of my love for IKEA. So I may have to restart my quest.

Because, c'mon. An IKEA in Denver? It'd be awesome.