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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What I Learned Tonight

1. Low-fat crustless quiche is not really quiche at all. More, it is gross scrambled eggs that are the wrong texture. Quiche requires flaky, buttery, delicious pastry before it can truly be called quiche.

2. If one is sauteing green beans, and one decides to go check one's email, and one then decides to look at Salon, and one gets caught up in reading an article on fat camp for teens, one should not be surprised when the bottom layer of said green beans burns to black.

3. One should also not be surprised when the charcoal flavor permeates all non-burned green beans.

4. Take-out pizza can cleanse a multitude of unpleasant flavors from one's mouth.

5. If, after scraping carbonized green beans and gross scrambled eggs into the trash, one's boyfriend says, “thanks for making dinner,” and clearly MEANS IT, said boyfriend is a keeper.

6. Tomorrow's dinner must almost certainly be better. Because if it's worse, one may be justified in never cooking again.